Mock Caldecott 2019

SPAS 2019 Mock Caldecott Selections Welcome to the Mock Caldecott 2019. I'm a little late in introducing the books. SPAS students have been reading, critiquing and looking at illustrations from some of the sweetest, sadest, funniest, cutest, intriguing, thoughtful books publish in 2018. I can't say that I have a favorite this year and feel... Continue Reading →

Book Wish List

Welcome back to the new school year. Next week I am going to place a massive book order. We will be using the money earned from the book fair. I want to make sure that we get books the students are excited about. To do this I'm requesting that you fill out our suggest a... Continue Reading →

Suggest a Book

We are getting ready to place some book orders and we want to know what books you would like to have in the library. If you are a St. Philips student please fill out this form as many times as you like with book suggestions!

We are chugging along

We are trying our very hardest to get all the new books processes. It is taking longer than expected but as each new book is entered, labeled, covered and protected we put it on the shelf for you! Many of the books have been checkout right away. I suggest logging into your accounts and putting... Continue Reading →

Why the Book Fair is IMPORTANT

Some of you may not realize that when we host Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair a percentage of the earnings go directly back into the library. The library is in a bit of a transition period at the moment. Not only are we looking at opening a learning commons but we are still transitioning to genre-tizing... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

Hello all! I'm back from the fabulous American Association of School Librarians conference in Hartford Connecticut. I feel so fortunate to have gone, not only for the experience of seeing some of the East Coast but for all I learned and the people I met. I am excited to bring some new ideas to the... Continue Reading →

Hello! Hello!

Do you ever feel like you aren't being heard? That everyone has their nose stuck in technology and no one is paying attention? Maybe even you are stuck, fingers glued to the keyboard, eyes on the screen, the world passing you by. Just imagine what is out there. The types of adventures you are missing.... Continue Reading →

Whats Going On In the Library

I realize it's been two weeks since I last blogged! YIKES. The end of the school year is always crazy. Drama Club has their final production, graduation, closing out the library. Basically all kinds of endings that keep me really busy! By the way, I hate endings. They make me really sad. I promise this... Continue Reading →

Boy + Bot

Ame Dyckman's story of a boy and a robot who meet in the woods is timeless and familiar. Perhaps it isn't that different from other stories that deal with friendship, misunderstandings and discovery but the sweet concern each character feels for the other combined with Dan Yaccarino's illustrations make the book tug at your heartstrings... Continue Reading →

This Just In!

We just received a bunch of new Non-Fiction books for the library. Among the various series we received isThe Remarkable People series which includes Mark Zuckerberg, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and Danica Patrick. There is also the Military Machines series that include three military helicopter books and one combat ship book. Next up... Continue Reading →

New, old and new books?

Well simply said we just received some donated books! We love book donation around here. Often times it means that the books are tried and true, guaranteed to entertain and delight! For example, take The Big Book of Boy Stuff. Published in 2004, the book isn't new, but it is new to the library and... Continue Reading →

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