Mock Caldecott 2019

SPAS 2019 Mock Caldecott Selections

Welcome to the Mock Caldecott 2019. I’m a little late in introducing the books. SPAS students have been reading, critiquing and looking at illustrations from some of the sweetest, sadest, funniest, cutest, intriguing, thoughtful books publish in 2018. I can’t say that I have a favorite this year and feel a little bit sorry for the Caldecott committee. While they are getting ready to meet and hash out their Caldecott choices we here at SPAS are thoroughly enjoying reading all these delightful books.

The Youth Media Awards will be announced Monday January 28, 2019. A SPAS has off of school. Since we like to make a show of it as well we won’t be announcing out own Mock Caldecott results until February 4 at Monday Morning Assembly. This means SPAS students will have a full extra week to read and vote!

If you are like me and hate to wait and want to watch the awards live head on over to the ALA Youth Media Awards webcast.

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