New, old and new books?

Well simply said we just received some donated books! We love book donation around here. Often times it means that the books are tried and true, guaranteed to entertain and delight! For example, take The Big Book of Boy Stuff. Published in 2004, the book isn’t new, but it is new to the library and still interesting to read. Yes, I know I’m a girl but I couldn’t help peaking, shhhhhhh…

On the first page, what do I find? The activities section of course. First activity is this…

“Try to say the alphabet without moving your lips or your tongue at all. No cheating! Whenever I do this, every letter sounds exactly the same; try if for yourself.” (pg. 1)

HA! Yeah I tried it and cracked up laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.  It was so silly I felt like posting it as my Facebook status just so I could imagine all my friends doing it. Instead I decided to blog about it so I can imaging all you lovely falcons doing it.

Anyway, some of our other new old books are:

  • The Dork Diaries (series)
  • Ramona and Her Mother
  • The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary
  • Have You Ever Seen a Jackalope?
  • Vanished
  • Mission (un)Popular
  • and many more!

For the complete list check the Destiny Quest home page. 

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