Hello! Hello!


Do you ever feel like you aren’t being heard? That everyone has their nose stuck in technology and no one is paying attention? Maybe even you are stuck, fingers glued to the keyboard, eyes on the screen, the world passing you by. Just imagine what is out there. The types of adventures you are missing. Outside there is a colorful world, bright and beautiful but you are distracted by your gadget.

HH_coverIn the new book by Matthew Cordell, Lydia tries in vane to get the attention of her family who is distracted by technology. Tired of her own gadgets Lydia ventures outside and discovers a beautiful world. Soon she discovers there is life, color and adventure when she takes a break from technology.  Can she get her families attention long enough for them to stop and experience the world around them or will her family be annoyed that she took a break from it all? Perhaps during her adventures outdoors Lydia will find just the thing to pull her family out of their technological funk.

I like the message this book sends. There have been plenty of times where I have found myself stuck on technology and not living in today. I think we all have that experience now and then. Hello! Hello! is a nice reminder to stop and look around. The world might be more colorful than you think. HH_9_crop

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