Social Studies Podcast; scripted newscast!

Today a group of 7th grade boys brings you a scripted newscast style podcast about the assassination of Kim Jung Nam. This is the first group to try a scripted newscast style podcast and they did a great job! As always, let us know in comments what you think.

Two more Social Studies Podcasts!

The 7th grade students have been busy churning out our March Social Studies podcasts. The two episodes today are different styles. The first is a discussion, with prepared opening statements, on how the US is divided today socially. The second is a discussion about the topic of Social Studies and what it is about that subject the students like. We hope you enjoy, let us know what you think or what you'd like to hear changed, or discussed on future episodes. Country Divided: What we like … [Read More...]

Return of the Junior High Social Studies Podcast.

Last year, with all the great new possibilities brought to us through the Learning Commons, we began a podcast series around Social Studies. This year our 7th grade students have taken up the cause mid year and we have two wonderful podcasts to present to you. The first is on a novel the 7th grade read in Social Studies and Language Arts titled The Blood Red Horse; which is the first book in a trilogy about a noble family in Britain that takes up the call for the 3rd Crusade. It is historical … [Read More...]

Mock Caldecott Results

After a break from Mock Caldecott we held it again this year. The Learning Commons allowed all students to be involved. Just like previous years the students voted on preselected books. They were asked to read the book and then critique it with a series of questions based on the Caldecott criteria. This year we introduced voting by Google Forms, which worked out quite well. After two weeks of reading and critiquing St. Philip students have had their say. The Mock Caldecott winning books for 2017 … [Read More...]

Book Wish List

Welcome back to the new school year. Next week I am going to place a massive book order. We will be using the money earned from the book fair. I want to make sure that we get books the students are excited about. To do this I'm requesting that you fill out our suggest a book form. It is also permanently linked above. If you have multiple books recommendations feel free to email me with your list! … [Read More...]

Final Social Studies Podcast of 2016.

The 8th grade students had a busy 3rd trimester. Washington D.C., Capstone Projects, Drama performances, CYO Track finals, and the list goes on and on. So int he 3rd trimester I told the PodCast group they could do scripted podcasts if they wanted. Solo, duo, or triples. One group of girls decided they wanted to try out this format. The scripted podcasts are generally supposed to be informative in nature and the girls decided to do and episode about feminism. It's a nice short listen, I hope you … [Read More...]