We are chugging along

We are trying our very hardest to get all the new books processes. It is taking longer than expected but as each new book is entered, labeled, covered and protected we put it on the shelf for you! Many of the books have been checkout right away. I suggest logging into your accounts and putting the book on hold as soon as it is available. Once it is fully ready for circulation we will mark that it is on hold for you and place it on the holds shelf!

20141029_135538I want to give a shout out to some very awesome people.  Mrs. Miller has been coming in and helping put the protective covering on the new paperback books. You know all those Rainbow Fairy books you have been requesting? She is the one who has been covering them. If you see her make sure to thank her for her hard work.

Also, Quincy Bowles, Maggie Giardello, Katie Yan and Campbell Buffington are responsible for putting the bar code and call number labels on EVERY SINGLE new book. They have been spending their recess and lunches sorting through all the new books to find the correct labels. While I suspect they absolutely enjoy working on the books it isn’t something they have to do. It is very nice of them to give up their time to help get the books ready for circulation. THANKS GIRLS!!!!

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