Follett Reader

You may have noticed the Follett Shelf tab in The Falcon's Fables. This is a great app that allows you to read the eBooks offered through the library. You can read eBook from Destiny but it they aren't easy to find. Follett Shelf solves this problem. To read the eBooks you must have a Destiny... Continue Reading →

Deeper Look at Destiny Quest

Fifth Grade explored additional features of Destiny Quest today.  Not only does Destiny Quest tell you what books are in and out of the library but also serves as a very useful search engine that students can use for research projects.  "Drag and Drop," used to save resources for future use, intrigued fifth grade. Students... Continue Reading →

It’s Finally Here!!!!!

I've been doing my happy dance! Do you know why?!?! Its for something that we have been wanting for a very long time.Finally, Destiny Quest, our online library manager and book club is available online. St. Philip's students have learned to enjoy the graphic interface of the program, utilizing it's unique online search engine, social... Continue Reading →

Kindle Fire

The library has a brand new Kindle Fire. We are testing it with Destiny Quest in the hopes that it will be useful for all library users. I am also interested in how it works with our lending policies. Prior to the Kindle we did not provide eBooks. I have felt for a long time... Continue Reading →

You Learn Something New…

I was putting together resource list for the teachers today. While playing around in Destiny Quest, trying to figure out the best way to print a list of specific titles I stumbled upon a way to not only create lists of titles, but to make them available for all to see! I thought that was... Continue Reading →

Come Quest With Me!

One of the many exciting parts of our library is the Destiny Quest system. I have blogged about it before so some of you may already be familiar with it. It is much more than a normal library catalog. The program is special because it allows library users to create personal accounts. These accounts allow... Continue Reading →

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