Come Quest With Me!

One of the many exciting parts of our library is the Destiny Quest system. I have blogged about it before so some of you may already be familiar with it. It is much more than a normal library catalog. The program is special because it allows library users to create personal accounts. These accounts allow them to write reviews on books, recommend books to other users and keep personal lists of favorite books. There is also the friend aspect that seems so important these days. Unlike a website like Facebook our programs only allows users to write notes to each other in regards to books. Destiny Quest is truly made for children because it provides a safe environment and yet allows them to explore computers and technology.

Today is the day our youngest computer users, 1st grade creates their accounts. First they must learn the difference between username and password. Everyone has a similar username; their first initial and last name combined. But, the password is something they must come up with all on their own. This is quite a challenge for some 1st graders. Many have never had to use a password before and struggle trying to pick just the right one. After everyone has created their account the real fun begins. Again, the library isn’t very quiet at this time and I don’t try to quiet them down. Who can be quiet when they are learning how to make friends with each other, writing book reviews, and searching and locating library books for the first time!

Some things I have heard today:

“I’m friends with Cordell, Luna, and Ashlynn!”

“I asked Ms.Gonzales to be my friend!”

“Mrs. Natalie, I found this dog book on the computer and then found it on the shelf!”

“I’m shy to tell you my password” -When asked what his password will be.

“I wrote a review! It said, ‘I like this book’ and I gave it 4 stars”

“How fun, its like the library has its own facebook” -this from a parent who happened to stop by.

It will definitely take some learning and confidence on the part of 1st grade but they are excited and so am I!

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