Kindle Fire

The library has a brand new Kindle Fire. We are testing it with Destiny Quest in the hopes that it will be useful for all library users. I am also interested in how it works with our lending policies. Prior to the Kindle we did not provide eBooks. I have felt for a long time that we were seriously behind the times in that regard but it wasn’t a priority. Now, that many students have their own E readers and Ipads I feel we can no longer ignore the eBook situation.

Another benefit of having eBooks has much to do with library space. Believe it or not, as new as the library is, we are out of space. Books must be considered very carefully before they are added to our shelves. There are so many wonderful books that I want for our collection. Often times they get put aside because I must continuously ask myself, “do we really need that”. How wonderful would it be if a student could come to our library looking for information and be able to access it via an eBook. Better yet, if they could bring their Kindle or Nook or Ipad  in and virtually check out the book. Even better still, how cool would it be if they could access the information from home?!

IMAG0413 by bluekittycat
Reading a free book that I downloaded directly to the kindle.

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself. While home access would be beneficial for homework and project help, there are many logistics that must be worked out. For now, I hope to test out our system by using the library’s Kindle Fire. I have purchased about 25 eBooks that can be downloaded directly to Destiny and put into our catalog.  I plan to allow the children to use the Kindle to checkout books within the library. They will not be checking out the Kindle itself but rather, the eBooks by way of the Kindle.

My hope is that one day, a child can walk into the library with their E reader and check out an eBook. How amazing would that be!?

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