Follett Reader

You may have noticed the Follett Shelf tab in The Falcon’s Fables. This is a great app that allows you to read the eBooks offered through the library. You can read eBook from Destiny but it they aren’t easy to find. Follett Shelf solves this problem. To read the eBooks you must have a Destiny account. Once in Follett Shelf  just log in with your Destiny account and you will have permission to read the books.

You can read online or check the books out. Once a book is checked out to you it is yours for two weeks and then automatically gets returned to the library. If you finish the book early you can return it yourself and check out another.

If you want to download the Follett Shelf App to your Android or iOS devices please follow the instructions found here.

The following screen shots show you how to navigate around Follett Shelf.

Follett Shelf™ 2012-12-11 11-21-37

Follett Shelf™ 2012-12-11 11-26-23

Follett Shelf™ 2012-12-11 11-29-06

Follett Shelf™ 2012-12-11 11-33-26

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