Falcon Fall Reading Contest 2012 Commences!

Logging Onto Destiny Quest from Home

    1.  For quick access, click on this link: https://stphiliptheapostle.follettdestiny.com/common/welcome.jsp?context=saas20_0403174

    2.  Click on “St. Philip the Apostle School,” which should take you to the Destiny Quest homepage.  If unsure about whether or not you are on the correct page, click on “Quest Home.”

    3.  On the same panel you will see a tab that says “Login.”  You must be logged in in order to write a book review.

    4.  Usernames are the students’ first initial followed by the whole last name in lower case.  Punctuation is ignored.  For example, the username for John Smith’s would be jsmith and Jane D’souza’s would be “jdsouza.”

    5.  Each student from grades 1-8 have already created a password.  If they have forgotten their password, they must come to the library to be reminded of their password OR request a new password.  Once logged on, use the search bar to locate the book you have read.  The title should appear as a small icon, sometimes accompanied with a picture of the book’s cover.  Click on the title you wish to review.

    6.  A new screen with “Title Details” will pop up.  Make sure that you have clicked on the tab “Reviews.”

    7.  Once on the proper tab, click on “Add Review.”

    8.  Another screen will appear asking for you to rate the book and leave a comment.  Each student must accompany their star rating by writing a minimum of 1-2 sentences using details to describe why they liked or disliked the book.  To simply write, “This book is awesome!” or “I do not like this book.” is not acceptable because there are no details describing why the book is awesome or why you don’t like it.   When writing reviews, students should aim to help future students know whether or not it is a book they would enjoy and should spend time reading.

    9.  Once the review is written, click “Save.”  The review will be sent to the librarian for final approve.  Once approved, the review will appear on Destiny Quest and the student will earn the amount of raffle tickets corresponding to the book read.

    Please stay tuned for further updates and details!  Happy Reading!

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      1. Great question! When Destiny Quest does not have a book listed, you will be taken to a screen that says "No Matches Found." To the right of this phrase will be a "+" symbol along with the words "Make A Wish." Please click on "Make A Wish" and you will be directed to a new box that asks for the title, author, and the ISBN number of the book you've read, along with the phrase. "We should purchase a copy of this title because…" Your response to this phrase will serve as your book review.

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