It’s Finally Here!!!!!

I’ve been doing my happy dance! Do you know why?!?! Its for something that we have been wanting for a very long time.

Finally, Destiny Quest, our online library manager and book club is available online. St. Philip’s students have learned to enjoy the graphic interface of the program, utilizing it’s unique online search engine, social network and book search while at school. As long as a student has created a username and password they can access these features from home.

  1. They can search for library books and save them to personal lists.
  2. Make friends to share and discuss favorite books and authors.
  3. Recommend books to their peers.
  4. Write book reviews
  5. Use the search engine to access kid and parent approved websites. 

Trust me, it is fun for all. Currently 1st – 5th grade classes have a username and password. If your child does not have one and would like to make one they must come to the library at their lunch time and fill out a request form. I would like to see Jr. High utilizing this wonderful program. 

To access Destiny Quest use the tab located at the top of this blog. Go ahead and bookmark the page also!

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