Well, it happens but I don’t like it.


After spending the last week setting up databases on Destiny Quest and getting very excited imagining how easy it will be for our students to search for all types of information in one convenient spot, I’ve come to realize this…


Yep, its a big o’shippment of fail! I can’t exactly explain why yet but, something is keeping Destiny from opening the actual database page. When you perform a  One Search in Destiny Quest,  results do appear but with the exception of one of our subscriptions all databases are refusing to open. Or, if they do open you still have to log into the database individually which defeats the purpose of One Search.  This isn’t such a huge deal because if you need to access the databases you still can. You just have to log in with different passwords. What I really want is for our students to be able to log into Destiny Quest with their accounts, perform a search and select if they want book, database or website. Whichever information they select should be easily accessed without having to know additional log in credentials. But fear not dear falcons, I am not one to give up. I have asked for help and hopefully soon we will figure out a way for the student’s to access all information from one easy place. I just wanted you to know that I am working on it as promised.

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