The New JLG Digital Library is here!

SPAS is super excited to announce that the digital library from Junior Library Guild is now available on the Destiny homepage. Just look for the JLG Google Slide. Each month new books are added to the stream as old books retire. Which makes for an awesome variety of books! If SPAS students seem to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Suggested Summer Reading

As the school year comes to an end we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe summer. We hope it is filled with lots of fun in the sun and relaxation. One of the best summer activities we can think of is to read a couple of good books. No pressure, just some... Continue Reading →

Great Books to Read Over the Summer (3-5)

Esperanza Rising is based on the real life experiences of the author's great grandmother. It takes place during the Great Depression and tells the story of a girl and her mother working in the California labor camps. This book is truly an enjoyable read that is hard to put down!Midnight for Charlie Bone. Charlie lives... Continue Reading →

You Learn Something New…

I was putting together resource list for the teachers today. While playing around in Destiny Quest, trying to figure out the best way to print a list of specific titles I stumbled upon a way to not only create lists of titles, but to make them available for all to see! I thought that was... Continue Reading →


I am always inspired by the many events going on during the school day. This week the Jr. High Science Fair had me thinking about how useful our library is to the students when they have less literary assignments. I decided to pretend I was entering a science fair and see what I came up... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals

A new shipment of library books came into the library this week!  I felt as giddy as a kid on Christmas as I unpacked the two giant boxes of gorgeous books and placed them on the shelves for the students to enjoy.  Of course the first thing I said to the 4th graders that came... Continue Reading →


The 5th graders have been busy checking out Biographies for their book reports. To be quite honest I love and hate this time of year. I love the idea of the children learning about remarkable people and history makers. I love that the children get to read these books and perhaps be inspired by other... Continue Reading →

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

The 2nd grade class is starting to learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. Most of the students already know that non-fiction books are "real" and fiction books are "make believe". The question is how can they tell which type it is just by looking at the book? You have all heard the phrase... Continue Reading →

Reference Library

Today I am going to get a little personal. To start with, I am currently taking a Reference Librarian class. When I accepted the job of SP Librarian I didn't know much about running a library. Last year found me learning how a library truly works. For the most part I am self taught. I quickly realized... Continue Reading →

Choosing a book that interests you.

Often we find it difficult to read books because they are assignments and not subjects that interest us. While these books are important to read they can be daunting. Don't let them scare you from reading. Just as each of you is an individual unlike any other so are books. While they may have similar... Continue Reading →

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