Choosing a book that interests you.

Often we find it difficult to read books because they are assignments and not subjects that interest us. While these books are important to read they can be daunting. Don’t let them scare you from reading. Just as each of you is an individual unlike any other so are books. While they may have similar themes or ideas they are different from each other. The challenge is to find the book that is right for you!

Start by asking yourself what you are interested in. Do you like reading about people who overcome a difficulty? Would you rather read a true story? Do you like animals and if so what kind? Maybe you like to think about the future and would like to read a science fiction novel. The possibilities are endless 

Once you have an idea of what subject you would like to read go to the library and search for books in that subject. Find the books on the shelf and open to a random page. Start reading that page. Every time you don’t understand a word or can’t read it hold up a finger. If you get to five fingers by the end of that page the book may be a little difficult for you to read. This is called the five finger test. It really helps to know if the book is too hard for you. You don’t want to start reading a book and then get discouraged because you don’t understand what it says.

Take the time to find a book that interests you and don’t be afraid to look to something you don’t know anything about. You just might discover a new interest.

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