What is the difference between a Fiction and a Nonfiction book?

Some of you out there might be confused about the difference between fiction and nonfiction. It is easier to remember than you thought.

Fiction = Fake
Nonfiction = Not Fake

Any time you read a fiction book you are reading a story that is pretend or make believe. Most of the time we read fiction books for fun. Often times they take us to places that we could only imagine in our minds.

If you read a nonfiction book you are reading a story about something that is real or true. Often times we use nonfiction books to learn about our world. Sometimes you use nonfiction books to do research for a class report. Sometimes you read nonfiction just because the topic interests you.

This blog is called The Falcon’s Fables. Fable means a short tale to teach a moral lesson. Did you know that fable is a synonym for fiction? That does not mean the things written on this blog are fake. But this Falcon wants to tell a tale or a story. She is going to teach you about the library and all the wonderful things that are contained within it’s walls.  Books are so wonderful and while the St. Philip’s library is small it still provides a world, no a universe of information and fun! It is this Falcon’s hope that every child will find a book that interests them.

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