New Arrivals

A new shipment of library books came into the library this week!  I felt as giddy as a kid on Christmas as I unpacked the two giant boxes of gorgeous books and placed them on the shelves for the students to enjoy.  Of course the first thing I said to the 4th graders that came just as I was finishing up was “We just received over 70 new books!”  They were ecstatic and anxious to see what they were.  Within the hour, 5 brand new books went home with delighted kids eager to explore their pages.

A few days before the new books arrived a 1st grader asked me, “Do you have any cool books?” Well, I certainly think all the books in the library are cool, but apparently he does not necessarily agree. However, with just a little digging I was able to get to the source of what “cool” was and he ended up happily taking home a leveled reader on Prince Caspian from the Narnia Chronicles. As I unpacked the boxes of new books I could not help wondering which ones my little 1st grade friend would classify as “cool.” I’m guessing the books on Ninjas and Military Fighter Planes make the list.  What do you think?

Here is a just a sampling of the new books ready to be checked out.  The publisher’s descriptions are underneath to give a little taste of what each book is about:

Product Details355.548 MAT
Mattern, Joanne, 1963-. Ninjas : masters of stealth and secrecy. New York : Children’s Press, 2005.
Presents a brief introduction to ninjas, including their history, mythology, beliefs, weapons, and traditions.
Product Details362.196 WAT
Watters, Debbie, 1961-. Where’s Mom’s hair? : a family journey through cancer. Toronto : Second Story Press, c2005.
In a way that provides clear and non-frightening answers, this personal journey highlights the kinds of questions children have when a loved one gets cancer.
Product Details385 DUN
Dunn, Joeming W. Building the transcontinental railroad. Edina, Minn. : Magic Wagon, c2009.
In graphic novel format, this book offers an account of the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.
Product Details597.6798 WAL
Walker, Sally M. Seahorse reef : a story of the south Pacific. 1st ed. Norwalk, CT : Soundprints, 2000.
Describes a sea horse living in the coral reefs of the central Philippines, its habitat, life cycle, food, and how it protects itself from predators.
Product Details597.8 GIL
Gilpin, Daniel. Tree frogs, mud puppies, & other amphibians. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, 2006.
Introduces the species of amphibians including information on physical characteristics, habitats, and life cycles.
Product Details597.965 KLE
Klein, Adam G., 1976-. Yellow-bellied sea snakes. Anniversary ed. Edina, Minn. : Abdo Pub., c2006.
Presents an introduction to yellow-bellied sea snakes, in simple text with illustrations, and includes information on their size, color, habitat, food, and life cycle.

599.8 DEL
De la Bédoyere, Camilla. 100 things you should know about monkeys & apes. 2009 ed. Broomall, Pa. : Mason Crest Publishers, 2009, c2008.
Presents one hundred details about primates, including information about different species, how they communicate and move, their intelligence and family life.
Product Details616.9 OLL
Ollhoff, Jim, 1959-. What are germs? Edina, MN : Abdo Pub. Co., c2010.
This book describes scientists’ discoveries of microbes (germs), including how they spread; how some of them cause diseases, and how medicines are used to control these diseases.
Product Details623.746 BUR
Burgan, Michael. The world’s fastest military airplanes. Mankato, Minn. : Capstone Books, c2001.
Explains how jet planes operate and some of the uses that the military makes of them.
Product Details636.9359 LEA
Leavitt, Amie Jane. Care for a pet chinchilla. Hockessin, Del. : Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2010.
Provides advice on having a chinchilla as a pet, discussing its behavior, housing, life cycle, selection, feeding, and handling.
Product Details796.334 HUR
Hurley, Michael, 1979-. Great World Cup moments. Chicago : Heinemann Library, c2010.
Recounts some of the greatest moments in World Cup history and profiles the soccer stars and teams that made them possible.
Product Details956.014 MAC
Macdonald, Fiona, 1958-. You wouldn’t want to be a crusader! : a war you’d rather not fight. Brigton, BNI : Book House ;, 2005.
Cartoons and facts combine to describe the experiences of European knights fighting in the Crusades.
Product Details973.0496 BOL
Bolden, Tonya. Tell all the children our story : memories and mementos of being young and Black in America. New York : Abrams, 2001.
Photographs, illustrations, and text describe the experiences of African-American children growing up in the United States from the first African-American baby born in the Jamestown colony through the children growing up in the dawn of the twenty-first century.
Product DetailsB GOO
Haugen, Brenda. Jane Goodall : legendary primatologist. Minneapolis, Minn. : Compass Point Books, c2006.
Studies the life of Jane Goodall, whose research and dedication has ensured the survival and well-being of chimpanzees in Africa.
Product DetailsFIC WIL
Wilson, Nathan D. The Chestnut King. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2010.
Twelve-year-old Henry York, finally reunited with his family, works with them and the Chestnut King, the long-deposed and mythic leader of the faeren people, to destroy Nimiane and her forces of evil.
Product DetailsFIC CRO
Crowne, Alyssa. Pink princess rules the school. New York : Scholastic, 2009.
Juliet Henry is planning a party for her seventh birthday, and she wants to invite only girls and have everything pink, from the food to the outfits. But the boys in her class don’t want to be left out of the fun. Will they spoil the pink princess party?


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