Helping Your Children Use the Library

You may have already noticed library books coming home. By now I have seen all K through 5 classes and given them an opportunity to take home their first library book of the school year. The past week and a half has been spent going over library rules and book care. While each student is responsible for their checked out book it is important that their parents help them remember the rules. I thought today would be a good day to introduce library expectations as a reminder to students and parents that the library is a special place and each book valuable in the knowledge it contains. Respect our books, respect our space and the library will be invaluable for years to come. 

Here’s how!

  • Be aware of your child’s library day. Their book will be due one week from the day they visited. Post a sign on your refrigerator reminding everyone when library books are due. 
  • Library books should not be read at the dinner table or during snack time. Food and books do not mix.
  • Find a special place in your home for your child’s library book. Perhaps a bookshelf that prevents younger siblings from getting to the book. Too many times books are returned in terrible shape and the younger sibling is blamed. 
  • Unfortunately if a book is returned damaged or broken we will have to charge you to replace the book. Make sure you stress responsibility to your children. It might even be a good idea to have them pay for the book whether it comes from their allowance or they have to do extra chore to pay it off. 
  • Read Read Read! Ask your children if they brought home a library book and then read it together!

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