Great Books to Read Over the Summer (3-5)

Esperanza Rising is based on the real life experiences of the author’s great grandmother. It takes place during the Great Depression and tells the story of a girl and her mother working in the California labor camps. This book is truly an enjoyable read that is hard to put down!

Midnight for Charlie Bone. Charlie lives a frustrating life with his widowed mother and two grandmothers. It isn’t until he discovers that he can hear people in photographs talking that his life undergoes a dramatic change. I started reading this book earlier this year but never got around to finishing it. I plan on reading the series over the summer.

The Mysterious Benedict Society. If you haven’t read this series yet, you should! Quirky and funny the books are really great at making the unbelievable happen. This series is fairly easy to read and lots of fun! It follows 4 gifted and talented children chosen for their intelligence and resourcefulness, as they go on a mission to uncover a secret and save the world.

I really believe summertime is perfect for light, fun lighthearted reading. Postcards from Camp is just that. Micheal’s first time at sleep away camp isn’t going well. Through his postcards and letters we follow his journey from scared to enthusiastic, even if his counselor is an alien.

Island of the Blue Dolphins is another great summer read. The story follows Karana, a brave 12 year old Native American who refuses to abandon her brother when her tribe is evacuated from their island. After his tragic death Karana waits to be rescued and reunited with her tribe. I loved this story when I read it in 4th grade!

The Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of 5th Grade is the story of Anthony Madison aka Tony Baloney and his obsession with David Letterman. Determined to make it on the late show, Tony comes up with many lists of his top ten. Tony doesn’t just stop at making lists, he is determined to get everyone from family, friends and you the reader on his journey to make his dreams come true. A very funny read!


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