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Today I am going to get a little personal. To start with, I am currently taking a Reference Librarian class. When I accepted the job of SP Librarian I didn’t know much about running a library. Last year found me learning how a library truly works. For the most part I am self taught. I quickly realized I would benefit from taking library classes and was excited to learn and bring my new found knowledge to the SP library. Today, I used the skills learned in my Reference Librarian class. After helping multiple students I was overcome by this deep satisfaction. I felt like my whole body was a glow and tingling. I helped these student find information! It seems so simple yet I know it is not.

Since starting the library I have often wondered if we have to correct materials to meet the needs of our school community. YES WE DO! we do we do we do. I am giddy!!!! When Miss Lizardi called down this morning asking if the 6th graders can do research on world religions, specifically, what the churches or temples look like, I thought they would mostly be doing internet research. BUT, it turns out our little library had some books to suit their needs. I don’t know about you but I found that thrilling!

My limited experience with reference librarians has not always been good. I am determined and committed to helping our children find the information they need from the best and most correct resources. I now know that when the teachers and children have a question our library will have the answers and I am able to be the go between. This is a job I love and enjoy.

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