New Arrivals

A new shipment of library books came into the library this week!  I felt as giddy as a kid on Christmas as I unpacked the two giant boxes of gorgeous books and placed them on the shelves for the students to enjoy.  Of course the first thing I said to the 4th graders that came... Continue Reading →

Earlier I wrote about finding unique biographies. I love learning about people and their accomplishments. Because of this I have been taking a close look at our biography section. We have a wonderful collection of biographies for all ages. Many of them are picture books meant to introduce children to influential people. While perusing the biography section... Continue Reading →


The 5th graders have been busy checking out Biographies for their book reports. To be quite honest I love and hate this time of year. I love the idea of the children learning about remarkable people and history makers. I love that the children get to read these books and perhaps be inspired by other... Continue Reading →


I thought I would share another new library book with you. Owney The Mail-Pouch Pooch by Mona Kerby is based on a real 19th century dog who became famous for guarding the U.S. Mail. It is amazing to think that there was a real little terrier mix dog who loved mail pouches and railroad cars so much he... Continue Reading →

One World Many Religions

Diversity is an important aspect of a St. Philip's education. It is very important for our children to be aware of their world and embrace cultural differences. While the 4th graders continue to explore the Dewey Decimal System they are given the opportunity to explore their world. This month, they are working on the Dewey 200s also... Continue Reading →

Cookie Time!

Did you know that the SP Library has children's cook books? They aren't checked out often but they don't collect dust either. I thought I would ask if anyone who has checked out the books have actually used them? I am curious if maybe you made dinner for your family one night or maybe baked... Continue Reading →

Turkey-ific Research!

Today 2A entered into the realm of research! Our library┬ácatalog┬ánot only allows the students to look up library books but provides a safe environment to search the internet. That is exactly what the second┬ágraders did during their library time. Mrs. Emmett wanted her class to search for facts on Turkeys. The first task was to... Continue Reading →

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

The 2nd grade class is starting to learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. Most of the students already know that non-fiction books are "real" and fiction books are "make believe". The question is how can they tell which type it is just by looking at the book? You have all heard the phrase... Continue Reading →

Shrinking Days, Frosty Nights

This Falcon's favorite season is the fall. Sometimes, living in Southern California can be a bit of a disappointed when it comes to the fall. I long to see trees changing color, pick fresh apples, and feel the nippy air. Unfortunately, there aren't that many trees that change color, you have to drive pretty far to pick apples,... Continue Reading →

Do you want to hear screams of excitement in the library?First, I know! Loud noises in a library?! YIKES, unheard of. But, it does happen. Mostly when the children forget themselves and their surroundings and talk, talk, talk, talk.....loudly!But today's screams were of joy and happiness because I, The Falcon, librarian extraordinaire forgot to do something very... Continue Reading →

Q is for Question

The 4th graders spend their year in the library learning about the Dewey Decimal System. We start at the 000's and end at the 900's. Some of the 10 major Dewey categories are difficult to understand. For example the students first learn that the Dewey system is reserved for non-fiction books. Yet one of the... Continue Reading →

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