Turkey-ific Research!

Today 2A entered into the realm of research! Our library catalog not only allows the students to look up library books but provides a safe environment to search the internet. That is exactly what the second graders did during their library time. Mrs. Emmett wanted her class to search for facts on Turkeys. The first task was to understand that while searching for information you may come across facts that actually have nothing to do with your topic. For example it is very easy to find facts on both the bird turkey and the country Turkey. I even caught a few children writing down facts about the country. My mantra during their class period was “you are looking for the bird NOT the country”!

So here are some facts they found.

“Turkeys come from North America and where here before the pilgrims”-Jack Costa

“A male turkey is called a Tom”-Heather Dopke

“The Aztec’s and Native Americans were the first people to domesticate the turkey”-Shelby Melin

“Turkeys do not like the cold”-Joseph Blain

“Male turkeys are more colorful than female turkeys” -Will Gonzalez

“Wild turkeys can fly”-Regina Linsalato

“Wild turkeys are bigger than domesticated turkeys”-AJ Miera

“Turkeys eat bugs, corn, and grains” -Paolo Domengini

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