Do you want to hear screams of excitement in the library?

First, I know! Loud noises in a library?! YIKES, unheard of. But, it does happen. Mostly when the children forget themselves and their surroundings and talk, talk, talk, talk…..loudly!

But today’s screams were of joy and happiness because I, The Falcon, librarian extraordinaire forgot to do something very important that changed the fate of 2B for one week.

We were supposed to start working on call numbers. While I made copies for 2A on Monday I ran out of time to make 2B’s copies.

5 minutes before 2B was to come to the library I looked for the copies.
4 minutes before 2B was to come to the library I searched my very organized 2nd grade files.
3 minutes before 2B was to come to the library I search the floor, the counters, other files.
2 minutes before 2B was to come to the library I decided I must be loosing my mind!
1 minute before 2B was to come to the library I racked my brain and finally remembered something.

I am ashamed.

BUT, the children, ha! They came into the library, sat down in the reading area and waited for instructions. I calmly sat down and told them my sad tale of failure. “oh you poor children, now you can’t work on call numbers” (wink, wink). Slowly grins began to spread across their faces. Little light bulbs popped up over the heads and suddenly it was like it was Christmas.

“WE GET A FREE DAY”  Yep there are those cheer and shouts of joy!

Truly it is a testament to how much your children enjoy reading books. Yet, it is much more than reading. It is searching and exploring; thinking first of what type of book they want to read, fiction or nonfiction and then thinking of a subject. Next they must search for the book on Destiny and write down the call number. Finally they must locate the book. So here are the types of books checked out by second grade.

Fiction book about dogs, hamsters, scary stories, ninjas, Halloween, and friendship.
Non-fiction books about snakes, dogs, cats, wolves, football, Pokemon, scary monsters and drawing.

Of course that is just the tip of the ice burg and seeing their excitement made me feel slightly less guilty about those missing photocopies and more enthusiastic for the children’s enjoyment of the library.

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