Earlier I wrote about finding unique biographies. I love learning about people and their accomplishments. Because of this I have been taking a close look at our biography section. We have a wonderful collection of biographies for all ages. Many of them are picture books meant to introduce children to influential people. While perusing the biography section I came across a beautiful book titled John Muir America’s First Environmentalist by Kathryn Lasky and Illustrated by Stan Fellows.

Kathryn Lasky, quotes from John Muir’s diaries to engage the reader in the life of this famous environmentalist. Told in the form of a children’s story the book follows Mr. Muir’s life from Scotland to Wisconsin and Florida to Alaska. Each chapter is written as a new adventure in John Muir’s life following his many talents as writer, inventor, scholar, farmer, explorer and naturalist. The influence he had on America is quite remarkable. It is due to his love of waterfalls, mountains and the giant sequoias that the first national park was founded.

Lasky’s book is wonderfully organized by events in John Muir’s life and yet it reads like a story book. Stan Fellow’s artwork is colorful and artistic. This book is great for all types of readers who are interested in the environment, art, science and conservation.

“A good starting place for science and biography projects, this book will also appeal to young activists with its message about people needing ‘beauty as well as bread'”. -Booklist.

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