One World Many Religions

Diversity is an important aspect of a St. Philip’s education. It is very important for our children to be aware of their world and embrace cultural differences. While the 4th graders continue to explore the Dewey Decimal System they are given the opportunity to explore their world. This month, they are working on the Dewey 200s also known as Religion. Since we are a Catholic, the school library has a decent size Christianity section, although I am working on making it bigger. We have a few Bibles and wonderful books on saints and sacraments. There is a nice collection of prayer books and illustrated bible stories.

I like that there is a place for students to read about their religions. The 4th graders were asked to look for a book from the 200s to check out. They will have a week to read the book and then next class we will discuss their different religion books. Some were very eager to find bible stories and books of prayer. While others were excited to discover that mythology is included in the religion sections. They quickly snapped up books on Greek mythology ready to read some of their favorite tales. Another group of 4th graders were very interested in some of the more unusual or exotic religions such as Shintoism or Confucianism. They liked that the religions were so different from what they are used to experiencing and wanted to learn more about them.

I can hardly wait for next week when we can discuss the world of information contained within our Dewey 200s Religion section!

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