Literary Halloween Costumes

It's almost Halloween and that means it's almost time to dress up as something you've always wanted to be or wish you could be. I love coming up with creative costumes and this year thought it would be fun to try my hand at making some literary costume ideas! I picked some of the more... Continue Reading →

Stop by and check out what books our birds are tweeting about. How many can you guess?

Most Children’s Books Sold?

Thank you St. Eugen School Library for this blog post. In it the question is asked, which children's book author has sold more books than any other author? My guess was Dr. Seuss but I was wrong. Drum roll please.... Yep, that is right! R.L. Stein has sold more than 220 million books since his... Continue Reading →

Great Books to Read Over the Summer (3-5)

Esperanza Rising is based on the real life experiences of the author's great grandmother. It takes place during the Great Depression and tells the story of a girl and her mother working in the California labor camps. This book is truly an enjoyable read that is hard to put down!Midnight for Charlie Bone. Charlie lives... Continue Reading →

Hunger Games/Harry Potter Mash Up

I just adore both the Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series. These are books I could read over and over. Yesterday, the Huffington Post Books did something unique by thinking about which houses the Hunger Games crew would be sorted into if they lived in Harry Potter world. Kinda cool and fun to think about.Hunger... Continue Reading →

Pa’s Fiddle Project

I am often asked what my favorite book in the library is. Normally I don't like to pick a favorite of anything. Really, there are too many good books out there to choose just one. But there is a series of books that I hold dear to my heart. I first read Little House on... Continue Reading →

Girl on Fire

Alright, we are all a tiny bit Hunger Games obsessed around here. Last year many students suggested the books to me. Honestly I kept putting off reading the series because the premise scared me. As soon as I was told that it was about a group of children thrown together and told that only one could... Continue Reading →

The Little Prince

This past weekend the Drama Club had their fall production of The Little Prince. This is a book for all ages. Perhaps the youngest of us may not understand the philosophical reasoning behind the story or maybe, just maybe they are the ones that will understand it the most. After all the main theme of... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

Well another book fair has come and gone. It is probably one of my favorite events. I just adore seeing children and parents getting excited over books. As part of the St. Philip's book fair tradition parents are given the opportunity to purchase books for the classrooms and library. I thought I would give a... Continue Reading →

Warrior Cats

Since last year I have been asked by various students and parents if the library had the Warrior Cats series. The first time I was asked I had never heard of it. The second time I did a little investigating and the third and fourth time I seriously thought about acquiring this series in the library. We... Continue Reading →

A Northern Light

I wanted to read a few books over Christmas break. There are so many library books that I haven't read. Unfortunately I only managed to read one book. A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly is one of our newer additions to the Junior High Fiction section of the library. I am always drawn to historical fiction... Continue Reading →

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