Pa’s Fiddle Project

I am often asked what my favorite book in the library is. Normally I don’t like to pick a favorite of anything. Really, there are too many good books out there to choose just one. But there is a series of books that I hold dear to my heart.

I first read Little House on the Prairie in 2nd grade with my class. Now, I don’t remember much of 2nd grade except I didn’t really enjoy my teacher and reading the Little House book for the first time. I can’t remember when I finished the entire series because I feel like I have read them my entire life. As soon as I finished the last book I started over again and again. Laura was me and I was Laura. When I played dress up, I created costumes from the book. I dreamed of eating Vanity Cakes and falling asleep to Pa’s fiddle. As I grew older I didn’t lose interest in the books. I read them in Jr. High, High School and College. Yes, last year I reread the series again.

Occasionally I find myself reading blogs about Laura and the Little House books. I have planned a dream trip to visit all the Little House sites. As an American Studies major, I spent much time reading and learning about the pioneers. I would say Laura Ingalls Wilder is probably the reason I became and American Studies major.

Would you say the Little House books are my favorites? Perhaps they are. When a 2nd or 3rd grader asks for a book recommendation they are always on the top of my list. Sometimes the children take my advice, sometimes they have already read the book and we discuss our favorite parts. I have even tried to get the boys to read the books.

Middle Tennessee State University’s director of The Center for Popular Music, Dr. Dale Cockrell is the founder, owner and president of Pa’s Fiddle Recordings LLC. This record label is dedicated to preserving and recording the songs written about in the Little House Series. How cool is that. Many of these American folk songs have become lost to pop culture. We might know of a few here or there but often times while reading the Little House books one can only imagine what pa and his fiddle sound like. Most likely you don’t know the song at all. Pa’s Fiddle Recordings LLC changes all that. Now you can purchase recordings of songs described in the Little House series. Dr. Cockrell along with MTSU students and renowned Country Music musicians all worked together to film a concert celebrating the Little House songs. Pa’s Fiddle: America’s Music will air on PBS during their June pledge drives.

I think many of you fellow Little House fans might be just as excited as I am to know that Pa’s pioneer spirit and Laura’s memories are not only now available in book form but also available for your listening pleasure. Once I get my hands on Pa’s Fiddle CD’s I think I will read the books again and listen to the songs as they appear in the book. I am one step closer to my childhood dream of being Laura Ingalls Wilder.

As for the PBS special I am very excited to watch it this June. For now, here is a YouTube clip promoting the concert. 

Pa’s Fiddle Project

Pa’s Fiddle PBS Special

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