The Little Prince

This past weekend the Drama Club had their fall production of The Little Prince. This is a book for all ages. Perhaps the youngest of us may not understand the philosophical reasoning behind the story or maybe, just maybe they are the ones that will understand it the most. After all the main theme of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s story is narrow mindedness and it is characterized by the adults. That doesn’t mean the Little Prince is immune. He mistakes mountain echo’s for the voices of men and declares them to have no imagination, repeating whatever you say.

Sadly, our library does not have this book in it’s collection, something I plan to remedy immediately. This is not a book to be looked over. It asks you to think. I have heard many wonderful things about Drama Clubs performance but the comments I like the most are the ones where people question the meaning behind the story. Adults and children alike want to know what is means and are talking about it. How exciting!
If you would like to see some pictures from Saturday nights performance they are posted on the drama club blog.

Drama Club: Are you ready for a photo bomb?!: Thank you Mr. Bury for these wonderful pictures. Here are some highlights from Saturday night. Becoming Fox Becoming Snake This…

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