Girl on Fire

Alright, we are all a tiny bit Hunger Games obsessed around here. Last year many students suggested the books to me. Honestly I kept putting off reading the series because the premise scared me. As soon as I was told that it was about a group of children thrown together and told that only one could survive I was put off. It certainly didn’t sound like a pleasant read. Mr. W. started to read the series and convinced me to give it a shot. I was so taken away with the story that I finished the series before he did.  The series does take you to some dark places but the message draws you in and makes you think. I love books that make you think. I also believe a strong message is important, even if it isn’t all happy.

If you haven’t read it, you should! We now have The Hunger Games available for check out in the library.

This morning I came across this InStyle magazine’s own tribute to the Hunger Games. They asked famous designers to sketch their take on the famous Girl on Fire scene from the first book. I believe this is probably one of the more anticipated scene for those of us who are anxious to watch the book come to life in movie form. The fire dress worn by Katniss is supposed to be
 beyond belief. In one word, transformative. I know my favorite design, what is yours?

While this dress isn’t true to the book description,
 I feel it  has the extraordinary impact
that the dress is mean t to convey. 

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