Saintly Suggestions

Looking for something to read for the Falcon Fall Reading Contest 2012 that will benefit the whole person, rather than just one part?  Take a look at the following titles we have here at the St. Philip's Library.         1.  Saints and Angels by Claire Llewellyn  A collection of brief profiles and pictures of nearly... Continue Reading →

Happy All Saints Day!

Thank you, Lord, for the Saints and for the opportunity to become Saints ourselves! St. Philip the Apostle, pray for us! "The church in this great festival honours all the saints reigning together in glory; first, to give thanks to God for the graces and crowns of all his elect: secondly, to excite ourselves to... Continue Reading →

Happy Year of Faith!

Pope Benedict XVI has declared that Oct. 11, 2012-Nov. 24, 2013 be the Year of Faith. You are summoned to a deeper conversion and a renewal of your faith.  Rediscover Catholicism! What treasures will you uncover? God has opened the door of faith for each one of us and asks us to GO DEEPER!  Some... Continue Reading →


Today we crowned Mary in our celebration mass with Grandparents and Special Friends. This beautiful tradition at St. Philip the Apostle school is held every May and combines sharing our school with special people and honoring the Mother of our Lord, the Virgin Mary. From singing songs in mass to partaking in the 7th grade... Continue Reading →

Saint Philip’s Feast Day

Today St. Philip the Apostle School is celebrating the feast day of Saint Philip. This tradition finds the St. Philip school community gathered in Holy Angel Hall, eating pan dolce and hearing about our patron saint. This year there is a little more of a surprise in store for the students. The teachers are going... Continue Reading →

The Immaculate Conception Part 1

Alright Falcons, there is something that seems to confuse many people including Catholics. As you know, we attend mass, as a school, once a week on Tuesdays. Yet this past Tuesday we did not go to mass. Instead we went today. I heard from a few students that they were a little confused as to... Continue Reading →

As we prepare for Christmas break and all the excitement that comes with the season I am reminded of the reason we Catholics celebrate Christmas. It isn't about gifts and Christmas trees. It is about the baby Jesus and his remarkable parents. Many of the traditional Christmas stories focus mostly on Jesus and Mary. But, what about... Continue Reading →

One World Many Religions

Diversity is an important aspect of a St. Philip's education. It is very important for our children to be aware of their world and embrace cultural differences. While the 4th graders continue to explore the Dewey Decimal System they are given the opportunity to explore their world. This month, they are working on the Dewey 200s also... Continue Reading →

We Are Catholic!

Last month when the faculty attended Congress I picked up a few fun books for the library. I recently noticed our library is lacking in the religion section. Pretty shameful in my opinion. We are a Catholic school after all! Another thing I noticed is that our children aren't really looking at the religious books... Continue Reading →

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