Saintly Suggestions

Looking for something to read for the Falcon Fall Reading Contest 2012 that will benefit the whole person, rather than just one part?  Take a look at the following titles we have here at the St. Philip’s Library.

        1.  Saints and Angels by Claire Llewellyn 

    • A collection of brief profiles and pictures of nearly thirty saints. 
2.  Brother Wolf, Sister Sparrow: Stories about Saints and Animals retold by Eric A. Kimmel 
oDiscover stories of famous saints and the animalsassociated with them.
3.  Joan of Arcby Kathleen Kudlinski
oLearn about the life of Joan of Arc from her childhood to martyrdom.  Photographs, images, and definition boxes accompany the text.
4.  Let it Shine: Three Favorite Spirituals illustrated by Ashley Bryan
oColorful illustrations and simple text introduce versions of three well-known spirituals along with a brief music score and a short history of slave songs before the Civil War.

What other spiritual books do you have at home?  Make a goal to read at least one of them before Nov. 19! 


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