As we prepare for Christmas break and all the excitement that comes with the season I am reminded of the reason we Catholics celebrate Christmas. It isn’t about gifts and Christmas trees. It is about the baby Jesus and his remarkable parents. Many of the traditional Christmas stories focus mostly on Jesus and Mary. But, what about Joseph, not Jesus’ natural father but instead chosen by God to be his adoptive one. How uncertain he must have felt at the prospect of letting the little baby Jesus into his life and trusting Mary and God. The birth story of Jesus is filled with remarkable examples of how humans should behave when faced with fear.

Fear Not, Joseph by Julie Stiegemeyer beautifully illustrates the emotions of the third part of a very important trio of people. Much of the language is translated from bible passages that speak directly of Joseph during this time. The author fills in the blanks with true human emotions and reactions. While Joseph is scared he always ends up turning to God to renew his strength and calm his fears.

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