We Are Catholic!

Last month when the faculty attended Congress I picked up a few fun books for the library. I recently noticed our library is lacking in the religion section. Pretty shameful in my opinion. We are a Catholic school after all! Another thing I noticed is that our children aren’t really looking at the religious books we do have. So I have kept and eye out for interesting, colorful, exciting and fun books on Catholicism as well as other religions. One book I found at Congress is An Alphabet of Catholic Saints by Brenda and George Nippert. I was particularly excited by this book because it had a companion poster to put in the library. The poster has the alphabet and picture of each saint represented by their first initial. I have already seen many children look for their first initial wanting to know what saint is theirs. Awesome! But what about the book?! It is actually a very simple picture book with the same alphabet/saint picture but it also has a rhyme and and a little background on the saint. I love looking at the colorful artwork and finding out quick and simple information about each saint represented.

So who do you think the saint is for The Falcon?

Come on I know you can guess it!

Yep, thats right! Saint Francis!!!!!! I think that is quite fitting since St. Francis loved animals. 

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