Country of the Month: Finland!

  When I think of Finland I think of Christmas. I guess it is mostly because it is so snowy there and they have reindeer! Here are some fun pictures of Finland.Greeting from FINLAND!Perhaps this is Blitzen?I wonder what kind of fish they catch?Can you take me to the North Pole and Santa's workshop?I would love to... Continue Reading →

Ok ok I need to see more pictures of African Wildlife

I just couldn't stop saving pictures. Rather than taking up the whole webcam blog I decided to post more African animal pictures in their own blog post.Vervet Monkey. So stinkin cute!Dik DikJackals!Eeeeeeek baby Zebra!Wild African DogLions playingYellow MongooseBat Eared Fox cubWho doesn't love this! African BuffaloCape FoxGorgeous CheetahOMG CUTE!!!!GemsbokOk ok I am obsessed with baby... Continue Reading →

South African Wildlife

I am a huge animal lover. One of my favorite parts about writing blogs for the SP Country of the Month is looking at pictures of different animals found in that country. Some of my past favorites are the Siberian Tiger from Russia and the Arctic Fox from Canada.The vast continent of Africa is particularly... Continue Reading →

Country of the Month: South Africa

A few years ago, after I graduated college, I took a trip to Greece with a tour group. This group consisted of mostly people from English speaking countries such as Canada, The United States, Australia and one South African. Actually, South Africa isn't necessarily an English speaking country. I didn't know this until I met... Continue Reading →

The Country of the Month: Thailand

The Country of the Month for March is Thailand!Thailand is such an intriguing country. I have two friends who went to Thailand last January and they came back absolutely mesmerized by the people, sights, and culture. Whenever anyone asks about their trip, they both exclaim it was the best place they have ever, ever, ever... Continue Reading →

Russia Part Two

There is something very pretty about some of the buildings in Russia. I think they look like they belong in candy land. Two of the most famous Russian cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg. They also happen to be the two largest cities in Russia.The KremlinMoscow, the capital of Russia is it's largest city. This... Continue Reading →


In other words...Hello! The country of the month for January is Russia. What an exciting country and culture to get to know! Don't you think?Catherine the GreatFirst off you have their interesting history from Mongol invasions to the great Tsar and dynasties and all the opulence that comes with such a government. But the people felt deprived... Continue Reading →

Country of the Month October 2010

The country for October is our neighbor to the north, CANADA! Having never been there myself I had to do a bit of research to find some interesting facts about the second-largest nation on Earth in area. The word Canada originated from a Huron-Iroquois word meaning village or settlement; kanata!Because Canada is so big there... Continue Reading →

Cambodia is the Country of the Month!

The country of the month for May and June is Cambodia. This country is located in Southeast Asia and it's capital is Phnom Penh. Cambodia's climate is very tropical with about half of it covered in tropical forests. The rainy season is between May and October. Because it often floods the houses in Cambodia are... Continue Reading →

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