Russia Part Two

There is something very pretty about some of the buildings in Russia. I think they look like they belong in candy land. Two of the most famous Russian cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg. They also happen to be the two largest cities in Russia.

The Kremlin

Moscow, the capital of Russia is it’s largest city. This city is divided into boroughs. The innermost borough is known as the Kremlin. Have you every heard of it? It is the biggest fortress in the world. There were once many kremlins in Russia but today, if you say Kremlin there is only one you are speaking of. This is were all the different types of Russian government have ruled. Within the walls of the Kremlin are palaces, army barracks, storehouses and other buildings making the Kremlin a city within a city. The worlds largest bell and the worlds largest cannon, a gun so big it has never been fired, can be found inside the Kremlin.

Russian Ballet

St. Petersburg is the former capital of Russia. It has one of the world’s largest seaports, even though its harbor is frozen for three or four months each year. This city is where you will find many examples of Russian culture. There are over 200 museums including the world famous Hermitage! Even the Russian ballet started here. One of the most famous ballet companies, the Kirov is located in St. Petersburg.

Russia is known for its literature, music and dance. Some of the world’s most famous writers came from Russia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Have you ever heard of Aleksandr Pushkin, Anton Chekhov or Leo Tolstoy? They are known for their great works of literature. Russia has also produced some wonderful composers of music. Perhaps you have heard of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky or Sergey Rachmaninoff.


Perhaps Russia is most well known for its athletes. Sports played a major role in the former Soviet Union. It was important to national pride to produce excellent Soviet athletes who excelled during the Olympic Games. Even after the Soviet Union collapsed Russia continues to encourage their athletes to excel in international competition.

Because food is expensive in Russia most people eat homegrown food. Some of the more poor people can only afford potatoes and bread. Some of the more well known Russian dishes are borsch which is a vegetable soup. Pirozlki are stuffed rolls and golubsty are stuffed cabbage. There is a yummy cold dessert known as Kissel that is made with cranberries. Russians love to drink tea and coffee.


As you can see Russian culture is very interesting. I leave you with some more fun pictures to look at.

Russian Church
Traditional Russian Costume
Much of Russia is covered in snow. 

Russian Food. 

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