Ok ok I need to see more pictures of African Wildlife

I just couldn’t stop saving pictures. Rather than taking up the whole webcam blog I decided to post more African animal pictures in their own blog post.

Vervet Monkey. So stinkin cute!

Dik Dik


Eeeeeeek baby Zebra!

Wild African Dog

Lions playing

Yellow Mongoose

Bat Eared Fox cub

Who doesn’t love this! African Buffalo

Cape Fox

Gorgeous Cheetah



Ok ok I am obsessed with baby animals!

Who has hippo love cause I don’t so much. 

Everyone loves the meerkats!

Just plain awesome!

These are such cool animals!


African Wild Cat. Can I have one?

Wildebeast and calf

Lion love

Ok I think this is the cutest thing ever!
Baby Hyena!

I just can’t resist a good “bird on the back of an animal” picture 

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