Country of the Month October 2010

The country for October is our neighbor to the north, CANADA! Having never been there myself I had to do a bit of research to find some interesting facts about the second-largest nation on Earth in area. The word Canada originated from a Huron-Iroquois word meaning village or settlement; kanata!

Because Canada is so big there are many different types of plants and animals. There are forests with moose, bears, lynx, wolves, deer and squirrels. There are also birds such as jays, ravens, and wild turkeys. Near the Pacific Coast there are more forests with Christmas trees! Living among the trees are mountain sheep and goats, elk and mule deer. A large part of Canada is taken up by the arctic tundra. Not many things can live and grow here. But you can see seals, polar bears, caribou, lemmings, and white foxes. Snow geese and Canada geese nest in this area too. Lastly, Canada has a plains region just like the United States. Here short grasses and sagebrush grow with cacti. Farmers can grow huge crops of wheat in this area. Animals such as ground squirrels and pocket gophers live on the plains. You might also see badgers, hawks and owls as well as a few bison who once roamed the prairie land in great numbers. Now there are only a few left because hunters have driven them to near extinction.

Now I want to go to Canada just to see all these wonderful animals! Just because I can’t resist here are many more cute animal pictures. All the animals can be found in Canada. Can you name them all?

OK! Any guesses on the animals? I would love to hear what you think!
For more fun information on Canada, stop by the library. Use our encyclopedias, Destiny Quest, and non fiction books to find fun facts to be read during morning announcement.

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