A Lovely Surprise

Today I received a fun surprise in the mail; a tan package with something hard inside. Upon opening it I saw it was a foam board print of cute little Hank from Hank Finds An Egg by Rebecca Dudley. The letter, from Peter Pauper Press, explained that they wanted to send a token of their... Continue Reading →

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Last week I posted a video of author Aaron Becker explaining his "journey" in making his book Journey. You can watch it here. Today I would like to show you another great video of an author/illustrator explaining his process. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is by Peter Brown and one of the books the students have been... Continue Reading →

Banned Book Week

Each year teachers, students, parents, librarians and many more recognize Banned Book Week as a way to show the value of books and the ideas they open up to the reader. You see, ideas aren't bad because there is nothing wrong with thinking, reasoning and coming to a strong, good conclusion. Sometimes difficult subjects must... Continue Reading →

Hello! Hello!

Do you ever feel like you aren't being heard? That everyone has their nose stuck in technology and no one is paying attention? Maybe even you are stuck, fingers glued to the keyboard, eyes on the screen, the world passing you by. Just imagine what is out there. The types of adventures you are missing.... Continue Reading →

WINNER Caldecott Giveaway

  WE HAVE A WINNER! As the rules stated, you had to be a St. Philip's student and a subscriber to win. I looked at my list of subscribers and only counted the comments from them. I assigned a number to each comment that counted in order from first to last. Then used random.org to... Continue Reading →

Dr. Seuss Asks You to Think

In celebration of Dr. Seuss birthday on March 2 some library classes have been reading his books or watching some of the older animated films. I love Dr. Seuss for many reason, probably the same reasons as most of you. Dr. Seuss made children's books fun and whimsical. The rhyming and nonsense force you to... Continue Reading →

The Scared is Scared

If you haven't seen this video by film maker Bianca Giaever you need to watch it right now! Go ahead, stop what you are doing and watch. You will not regret it. Giaever asked 6 year old Asa Baker-Rouse to tell her a story. She recorded the impromptu tale and then set it to live... Continue Reading →

Most Children’s Books Sold?

Thank you St. Eugen School Library for this blog post. In it the question is asked, which children's book author has sold more books than any other author? My guess was Dr. Seuss but I was wrong. Drum roll please.... Yep, that is right! R.L. Stein has sold more than 220 million books since his... Continue Reading →

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