2016 Auction Video

The new Learning Commons was featured in this year's auction video. With the auction theme of Back to the 80's our fabulous parents, 8th grade students and Mr. W. made a Breakfast Club inspired video. These videos are always a lot of fun! Great job everyone!  

Spirit Week in the LC

This week was Catholic School's week and Spirit Week. It's always fun to see the students dress up and have fun. Unfortunately Ms. Malissa and I didn't take picture every day. We totally missed 80's day but managed to have some fun capturing the students doing their thing on Fancy/Dapper Day and Star Wars Day.

Digital Learning Day

St. Philip the Apostle participated in Digital Learning Day. Teachers planned special lesson that allowed students to explore the technological abundance offered by St. Philips. Smart boards were used, YouTube was watched, iPads were in many hands. It was a fun day to be part of the St. Philip community. I'm sure every falcon big... Continue Reading →

Raold Dahl Day

There are many times when I am thankful for the fact that I have started using Twitter. When I first started tweeting it was with my personal account. It was just...ok! It wasn't until I started using it for the Falcon's Fables as a way to connect with my fellow teacher librarians that I starting... Continue Reading →


Today we crowned Mary in our celebration mass with Grandparents and Special Friends. This beautiful tradition at St. Philip the Apostle school is held every May and combines sharing our school with special people and honoring the Mother of our Lord, the Virgin Mary. From singing songs in mass to partaking in the 7th grade... Continue Reading →

Saint Philip’s Feast Day

Today St. Philip the Apostle School is celebrating the feast day of Saint Philip. This tradition finds the St. Philip school community gathered in Holy Angel Hall, eating pan dolce and hearing about our patron saint. This year there is a little more of a surprise in store for the students. The teachers are going... Continue Reading →

Open House

Open house is always such a fun time. When I was a St. Philip's student I remember it being a very exciting day full of anticipation and fun. I see that same excitement on the children's faces today. This is not the same excitement that occurs on the first day of school. Instead of wondering... Continue Reading →

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