New Arrivals

A new shipment of library books came into the library this week!  I felt as giddy as a kid on Christmas as I unpacked the two giant boxes of gorgeous books and placed them on the shelves for the students to enjoy.  Of course the first thing I said to the 4th graders that came... Continue Reading →

I am always looking for ways to introduce classics to our children. In an age where pop culture rules it is sometimes difficult to get the children excited about books that come from a different time and place. Case in point: Shakespeare. When I was younger the word scared me. I will never forget my... Continue Reading →

Sometimes its all about the art!

This Falcon was always an avid reader but I do realize not everybody can find a book they really get into. Sometimes it is hard to read chapter after to chapter, especially if the book is assigned and not one of your choosing. Yet who out there has no problem opening a Superman comic or... Continue Reading →

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