Open House

As we approach St. Philip’s open house this weekend I am reminded of all the open houses I have experienced during my years at SP. There were the ones as a student, then the ones when I first started working as a Teachers Assistant and finally, the ones as a Librarian. Each experience was unique and yet exciting.

I’ll never forget the events throughout the school year that made being a St. Philip’s student exciting. The kick off was  Meet the Teacher Day and the Back to School BBQ (which we don’t have anymore), then there were the class parties, talent shows, Grandparents and Special Friends Day,  and of course Open House.

You would think coming to school on a weekend would be annoying but it wasn’t. It was kind of thrilling. Not only did you get to see your friends but you got show off your projects and school work in a pretty and clean classroom. Perhaps it was the fact that you were able to celebrate your life’s work, something children don’t get to do too often. How cool to show your parents and anyone who came to see the school what you did every day.

Ok, I am not just taking a walk down memory lane. This blog does tie into the library. While, the library caters mostly to our students for their reading and research needs we do have a small collection of past yearbooks and photo albums. I often have students in the library at lunch looking over their own past yearbooks and I have done the same. Yes, we do have yearbooks from my time and even photos from before my time. I was thinking the other day, I graduated from St. Philip’s in 1997 the same year many of our Jr High students were born.

Well being the brave Falcon that I am, I decide to share a little bit of me. I found some photos in our collection from my time. So drum roll please…..

Day Care Christmas Pagent
Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Before School
Waiting to take graduation photos

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