Book Fair

Did you know I am a St. Philip Alum? I am a very proud FALCON because this school helped shape me into the person I am today. While many things have changed since my days at St. Philip’s some have remained the same. One in particular is the book fair. I remember getting so excited when book fair time came around. There was magic in the portable shelves and tables they set up once a year. I loved approaching the building in anticipation for the vivid and colorful books that would soon be discovered. I remember for a few years the theme had something to do with Clifford and students or parents would wear a Clifford costume and greet us at the door. I remember having just enough money for one book and having to choose very carefully. I spent what felt like hours pondering which book was worthy of being the one I would take home. It was so important that I made a good choice because I would not have this opportunity to buy a book, just for me, for a whole year!

I think that magic still exists today. I hear, see and feel the anticipation our children experience as the book fair approaches. The library becomes very quiet at lunch time because everyone is at the book fair. This, I don’t mind because the children are excited for books! Is there anything better than being excited to read and open you mind and imagination?!

Yesterday the faculty was invited for a special preview of the fair and asked to create wish lists. While walking into the book fair I was no longer a part of the teaching faculty at St. Philip but instead I was a little girl again pondering what books were worthy of making it on to my list. Perhaps a few books on poetry or maybe the much anticipated Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5? Do we need picture books or chapter books? Fiction or non-fiction? You will have to head over to the book fair to see what books made my list of must haves for the library as well as my personal recommendation, one book that I love to read over and over.

I will give you a hint, Drama Club is performing it this year as their Fall production. Too easy?

I hope you all enjoy the book fair as a child and adult!

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