We just recieved a small shipment of new books. Most of the books have been requested by various children. But I also ordered a few that looked cute, cool and interesting. Today I read one of our new picture books to Kindergarten. Let me tell you, I was simply delighted with Duck by Randy Cecil and I believe the Kindergarteners were too!

The illustrations are done in oil and are vibrant yet soft at the same time giving it a dreamlike appearance. The story is of Duck, a carousel animal who longs to fly. While she dreams of flying like a real duck she knows she cannot. One day a lost duckling wanders into the amusement park and catches Ducks attention. Soon Duck and Duckling are inseparable. Duck takes Duckling under her wing, mothering him and teaching him. You will be touched by the mother and child theme the author takes and perhaps even cry a little when Duck realizes the most important thing for Duckling is to teach him how to fly, even though it means being left behind. I won’t lie, my eyes teared up a bit while reading to Kindergarten.

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