Book Wish List

Welcome back to the new school year. Next week I am going to place a massive book order. We will be using the money earned from the book fair. I want to make sure that we get books the students are excited about. To do this I'm requesting that you fill out our suggest a... Continue Reading →

Final Social Studies Podcast of 2016.

The 8th grade students had a busy 3rd trimester. Washington D.C., Capstone Projects, Drama performances, CYO Track finals, and the list goes on and on. So int he 3rd trimester I told the PodCast group they could do scripted podcasts if they wanted. Solo, duo, or triples. One group of girls decided they wanted to... Continue Reading →

Librarian of the Day -Sophia Ramirez

Hi! I'm Librarian of the Day. Do you like books? I love books! I can read a 300 page book in one week! By the way, I'm book worm. My favorite genre of book is horror!                           -Sophia Ramirez 2B  

2016 Auction Video

The new Learning Commons was featured in this year's auction video. With the auction theme of Back to the 80's our fabulous parents, 8th grade students and Mr. W. made a Breakfast Club inspired video. These videos are always a lot of fun! Great job everyone!  

March Madness Update

March Madness is in full swing and the classes have really gotten into the spirit of our competition. Miss Malissa and I have been very busy tallying book reviews and totaling circulations. Phew the week was crazy! You can watch a little of today's madness here:   Next week starts a new round. All classes... Continue Reading →

Social Studies Super Tuesday Podcast Part 1

Today, March 1 2016, is Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday, generally, refers to a Tuesday during a Presidential primary season where a large number of primaries or caucuses occur. This year Super Tuesday has 12 state contests and a territory. For more information on Super Tuesday click here. We discussed Super Tuesday, and the predictions, in... Continue Reading →

March Madness!

Who want's to have some fun in the Primary Learning Center and Learning Commons?! I hope you are all shouting "me, me me"! Here is how it works: We have looked at circulation statistics for each class since the beginning of the year. Every time you checked in and out a book you gave your... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Black History Month

In the Primary Learning Center, 2nd grade practiced their researching skills by using the library databases to learn about some famous African Americans. Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Louis Armstrong, and Jackie Robinson were just a few of the wonderful people second grade were introduced to. I really enjoyed teaching these lessons just as much as... Continue Reading →

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