It’s Pumpkin Decorating Time!

You’ve been asking about it and now we are ready to tell you about it! Think back to your favorite book character, grab a pumpkin, and start decorating. Just like previous years there will be three divisions: TK-2nd, 3rd-5th, and Jr. High. Students will vote for their favorite book character pumpkins in class the week of October 24, 2022. We will also continue the tradition of parents voting as well with a google form posted on Facebook and in the school newsletter that same week. Winners will be announced on October 28, the same day you will take your pumpkins home to display for Halloween.

Contest Rules

Decorated pumpkins tend to have a short self life so it is very important that you follow the rules when decorating your pumpkin. Even though the book character pumpkins will only be in the libraries for a few days, we have lost a few to rotting in the past.

  1. Pumpkins may not be carved! You may not poke holes in the pumpkins either. Any sort of cut or puncture will lead to the pumpkin rotting. We will not accept any pumpkin that has been cut into the contest.
  2. Use breathable paint or make sure that you don’t entirely cover the pumpkin in paint. Another way that a pumpkin can rot quickly is when it doesn’t have air circulation. Spray paint sticks well to the pumpkins but it also seals the pumpkin off from the air, causing it to decompose much faster.
  3. Go ahead and use glue to attach items to your pumpkin.
  4. Pumpkins must be a character from a book. Think of your favorite book characters and get creative with your pumpkin!
  5. Don’t use over-sized pumpkins. It might be tempting to chose a large pumpkin but you need to be able to carry it into the school and out again on the last day, your parents will not be able to help you carry the pumpkin in. You must be able to carry your own pumpkin.

Submitting your pumpkin

It is important that you follow these steps for submitting you pumpkin. As a reminder, parents cannot help you bring your book character pumpkin into the school. You must be able to carry it yourself.

  1. Make an index card sized sign for your pumpkin.
    • On the front, write the book title, author, and character name.
    • On the back write your name and grade.
  2. On October 24, 2022 bring your book character pumpkin with you to school. You may drop them off in your library.
    • TK will bring their pumpkins to their classrooms.
    • K-2nd character pumpkins go to the PLC
    • 3rd – 8th grade character pumpkins go to the LC.
  3. Your pumpkin will stay in your library through out the week. Student’s will vote in class that week.
  4. Take your book character pumpkin home on October 28, 2022. Any pumpkin left at school after dismissal will be thrown away.

TIP: The more creative the better. After 5 years of this contest we have seen some familiar characters pop up over the years. While we love popular characters for a reason, usually, the winning pumpkins are characters that are unique and creative.

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