Time to Vote!

Such Wonderful Book Character Pumpkins

The entries for the pumpkin contest are super cute this year. There are characters that range from old favorites to new characters that haven’t been turned into pumpkins yet. Great job on the creativity faclons! We are all very excited to have the libraries decorated for Halloween and voting to begin.

PLC Pumpkins – TK to 2nd Grade

LC Pumpkins – 3rd to 8th Grade

Student Voting

TK through 2nd graders will be voting on the PLC pumpkins in class with Ms. Leah. They will not be using the google form.

3rd through 8th grade students will be voting in class but will be using the google form. The form is set up so only students may vote and may only vote once. Once students have looked at the pumpkins during their class time they will be directed to vote via the link posted in their classroom.

Parent Voting

Parents can vote for their favorite pumpkins in all the grades. Go ahead and click on the voting link and vote for your favorite pumpkins. To avoid multiple votes from one person the form is set so you have to sign in to google. We have always allowed friends and family to vote as well so have fun and share the pumpkin contest.

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