5th Grade Monologue Videos

The 5th grade spent most of their second trimester learning to edit videos using an online video editor called WeVideo. This is a program we have been using for years to teach our students video editing skills. We have always loved WeVideo because much of the editing skills they learn using the program are transferable to other more advanced video editors. What made WeVideo even better was the fact that when the pandemic hit, our students could still learn video editing skills. Yay!

We started out with basic skills and worked our way to learning how to stack audio and video tracks to create more dynamic projects. The final assignment was a collaboration with their Language Arts class where they read a biography, wrote a monologue about their chosen person, and finally created a video using their monologue.

It was fun to watch the 5th graders take their written monologues and turn them into videos. There were some challenges along the way, including learning how to be creative with the stock footage and learning how to search for fair use images. What follows are just a few of the amazing videos. I hope you enjoy!

Cesar Chavez

Malala Yousafzai

Thomas Edison

Captain Henry Morgan

Jackie Chan

Amelia Earhart

Charles Lindbergh

Alex Morgan

Elon Musk

Steve Jobs

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