The Scared is Scared

If you haven't seen this video by film maker Bianca Giaever you need to watch it right now! Go ahead, stop what you are doing and watch. You will not regret it. Giaever asked 6 year old Asa Baker-Rouse to tell her a story. She recorded the impromptu tale and then set it to live... Continue Reading →

Most Children’s Books Sold?

Thank you St. Eugen School Library for this blog post. In it the question is asked, which children's book author has sold more books than any other author? My guess was Dr. Seuss but I was wrong. Drum roll please.... Yep, that is right! R.L. Stein has sold more than 220 million books since his... Continue Reading →

Fun Find

You might have guessed that I am a big advocate for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. There are many reasons why but today lets focus on this one...FUN FINDS!!!!! The internet is huge, HUGE!!! Think of all that you are missing out on by not utilizing social networks. Once person can only explore... Continue Reading →

Summer Love

Madeleine Peterson and MacKenzie Grube are all excited for summer! Here they share their summer hopes Prezi style!.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; } Summer on Prezi

Hunger Games/Harry Potter Mash Up

I just adore both the Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series. These are books I could read over and over. Yesterday, the Huffington Post Books did something unique by thinking about which houses the Hunger Games crew would be sorted into if they lived in Harry Potter world. Kinda cool and fun to think about.Hunger... Continue Reading →

4B Research and Prezi

The 4th grade library classes have been working hard learning the Dewey Decimal System. Starting with the 000 and going to the 900 they learn what each section means. The past few weeks have been spent learning the 200's; Religion. To better understand their world the class was asked to research a non Christian religion.... Continue Reading →

A Fairy Tale

there was a librarian who worked in a small school library. She loved her job very much and always looked forward to each new class. She enjoyed opening the world of books and knowledge to her students. Each page turn and each double click on a computer brought something new to the children's life experiences.... Continue Reading →


So I might be creating bad library habits. You see, every once in awhile, I need to listen to music. Actually, that isn't true, I ALWAYS need to listen to music. Usually, I have it playing very low so only I can hear it if I am at my desk. But occasionally I want to... Continue Reading →

Girl on Fire

Alright, we are all a tiny bit Hunger Games obsessed around here. Last year many students suggested the books to me. Honestly I kept putting off reading the series because the premise scared me. As soon as I was told that it was about a group of children thrown together and told that only one could... Continue Reading →

You Learn Something New…

I was putting together resource list for the teachers today. While playing around in Destiny Quest, trying to figure out the best way to print a list of specific titles I stumbled upon a way to not only create lists of titles, but to make them available for all to see! I thought that was... Continue Reading →

Some websites with inspirational paper crane's from around the world...Paper Cranes in Hiroshima's Peace ParkHow to fold paper cranes and an inspirational project!Paper Cranes for Japan from Students Rebuild .Org

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