So I might be creating bad library habits. You see, every once in awhile, I need to listen to music. Actually, that isn’t true, I ALWAYS need to listen to music. Usually, I have it playing very low so only I can hear it if I am at my desk. But occasionally I want to share with the children.  I just can’t help myself. Often the urge to blast out the music happens on Friday’s when I am ready for the weekend. Today, I created a new Pandora station that is all Disney. I must say it is fun listening to my favorite songs from my childhood.

Now, being unconventional does have its interesting moments. For instance, what is a music loving librarian to do when she plays music loud enough for library users to hear and they decide to break out into a conga line? Does she stop them or let them live in the moment and throw convention out the door?

If you are interested here is my Disney Pandora station.

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