A Fairy Tale

there was a librarian who worked in a small school library. She loved her job very much and always looked forward to each new class. She enjoyed opening the world of books and knowledge to her students. Each page turn and each double click on a computer brought something new to the children’s life experiences. The librarian always said she had the most fun when she was able to witness a spark of understanding light up a child’s eyes.

But alas, the librarian’s world was not perfect. You see her tiny library did not have a nice cozy spot in which she could teach her student’s proper internet use or research skills. To just explain without showing didn’t work. Many students would scratch their heads and look very confused. At times the librarian would attempt to gather her students around a desktop computer but that usually ended in frustration. To be honest it didn’t promote peacebuilder-ship either. Not one to give up the librarian would often pair up her students and sent them to the computers to explore and figure it out. She did her best to walk around the library and answer questions. Of course this was time consuming and not very efficient.

One day the librarian learned about a wonderful thing that would allow her student’s to view lessons on a TV. She could use the TV to mirror her iPad. There was hope after all! The need was great and the lucky librarian quickly saw her wish granted. Now the students don’t have to imagine the lesson nor do they have to fight for space around a tiny desktop computer. The librarian can bring up her databases and Destiny Quest on the TV for all to see.

And of course…
There was great joy and jubilation throughout the small school library.

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